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Thank You!

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has read my blog so far, everyone who has supported me as a writer and a mother and those who have purchased my books and left wonderful reviews. I appreciate you more than words can express.

I’ve been having a difficult time these past two weeks and I can’t put a finger on what I’m feeling and why. I hope it blows over soon so that I can get back to my usual self and continue to write great content to share with all of you.

I’d like to extend a super special thanks to two amazing women, Sue and Patricia. Please take the time to visit their blogs and see exactly why I adore them so much.

Patricia wrote this review on Adventurous Alex: What Can I Be?

What Can I Be Review

4/5 Stars

Really Good Children’s Book with Beautiful Illustrations.

There aren’t actually that many books that can hold my 3 year olds attention, but this series does. He loves the illustrations and the simple language the books have.

In this one, Alex wanders around asking questions of all the animals she meets. trying to find out what she could be. She talks to owls, lizards, fish, monkeys and is still confused. Until she talks to her mother, who explains it all.

I think the stories encourage conversation with your child. I know after reading this one I asked Corbin what he thought he could be. Spiderman, Of course. He also wanted me to tell Ms. Nell that she colors really well. And he wanted more of Alex. That’s a great recommendation there!

Adventurous Alex What Can I be Cover

Get an e-version of Adventurous Alex: What Can I Be?

Get a paperback version of Adventurous Alex: What Can I Be?

Patricia and Corbin also reviewed a second Adventurous Alex: Off to the Museum.

Adventurous Alex Off to the Museum Review

4/5 Stars

We love Alex and his adventures!

Lindsay’s books are just right for a small child’s attention span. The colorful illustrations always catch your eye. Corbin, who is 3, asks me every day, “What do you think Alex is going to do today?” The stories and the illustrations make sense to a 3 year old and the coloring books she offers are an added bonus!

It is really quite difficult to get a 3 year old to sit for any length of time for a story, but Lindsay does it and always in a way that opens up discussions and questions that I love.

Corbin gives his Seal of Approval to Adventurous Alex!

Adventurous Alex Off to the Museum Cover

Get an e-version of Adventurous Alex: Off to the Museum

Thank you Patricia and Corbin for your kindness. Your reviews mean so much to me. It makes me so happy to hear that Corbin loves my stories, because that’s why I do what I do. Visit Patricia’s blog Books, Books and More Books!, where you will find more wonderful book reviews. She’s influenced many of my book purchases and you’ll be spoiled for choice in many genres.

Sue wrote the following reviews on various books:

Help! Harry Has Hiccups Review.png

4/5 Star

Hiccups aren’t usually this much fun.

When constant hiccups take over Harry Hamster’s life, he challenges his four brothers to cure them. Pre-readers will enjoy having someone read Harry’s story aloud, while readers through middle school can succeed on their own. Ms. Nell’s illustrations are colorful and fun, and she provides a free activity book you can download as well.

Help Harry Has Hiccups Cover

Get an e-version of Help! Harry has Hiccups

Dancersaur Review

4/5 Stars

Making a dream come true

Becky the Brontosaurus learns that you might be the only one who believes in your dream, but if you ask the people who love you to help, you can make your dream come true. Dancersaur is a delightful story children through middle school will enjoy reading themselves, and older kids (and adults) will enjoy reading to younger children.

Dancersaur Cover

Get an e-version or paperback version of Dancersaur

Daniel Dragon's Princess Pal Review

4/5 Stars

You don’t have to be like everybody else.

When a little Dragon doesn’t share all his family’s physical traits and cultural values, he learns that he might find his happiest life somewhere else, but his family’s love will always be with him. Imaginative and colorful, Daniel’s adventures will empower young children who haven’t yet found a voice to express their differences. Well done, Ms. Nell!

Daniel Cover 1

Get an e-version of Daniel Dragon’s Princess Pal

Chloe Chocolate Eater Review

4/5 Stars


A very colorful cautionary tale about overindulgence. In this case, a little Princess who loves chocolate faces a fearful possibility. Lindsay Nell’s imagination and lively illustrations make this story appropriate for school age children from 4 to 12. Older children will enjoy sharing this with their younger siblings, too. There are some great opportunities to discuss their own loves.


Get an e-version of Chloe Chocolate Eater

Adventurous Alex My Dad Is Super Review

4/5 Stars

Every day is Father’s Day!

Alex is a little girl who loves her dad and the time they spend together. Told from a child’s point of view, this story captures the fun in Lindsay Nell’s stellar illustrations, and will be a favorite of any loving daughter. It would make a perfect Father’s Day gift or birthday present from Daddy’s little girl!

Adventurous Alex My Dad is Super Cover

Get an e-version of Adventurous Alex: My Dad is Super

Get a paperback version of Adventurous Alex: My Dad is Super

I’d like to thank Sue Ranscht for all her support and kindness. You are a wonderful person, friend, mother and writer. I appreciate that you took the time to read all these stories and review them. Have a look at Sue’s blog Space, Time and Raspberries – her take on the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge are some of my favourite posts. She is such a creative storyteller. Her blog posts always captivate me from beginning to end.



Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


18 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Hi Lindsay, sorry you are not feeling quite yourself lately….it is horrible when one feels that way. Hope it all subsides really soon, and you get back to feeling more yourself soon. Hugs my friend. xxx

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  2. You’re very welcome, Lindsay, always. You are worthy of every kindness anyone can bestow, and I always feel you return them tenfold. I’m blessed to have your friendship and enthusiastic support. 🙂

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