Teaching Colours to the Little One

I’ve been teaching my son his colours for a few weeks now. He started saying all of them as he saw them, but that has been whittled down to a handful of colours that are his favourites and he would point them out as he sees them.

My strategy for teaching him was to use a printable colours chart that I put in his flip file; we read a colour book, the Fisher Price Puppy app on the tablet and these videos:


I See Something Pink – Super Simple Songs


I See Something Blue – Super Simple Songs


Rock Your Body to the Colours – Jack Hartmann


The Colour Train Song – Little Baby Bum


Rainbow Colour Song – Little Baby Bum


Colourful Fruits – Pink Fong

I hope your children enjoy these videos as much as my son does.

How do you teach your children their colours? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



9 thoughts on “Teaching Colours to the Little One

  1. I taught my oldest her colors using a play set of bowling pins. She loved it. We moved onto the other colors from there. I taught my youngest playing eye spy. I’d show her a color, identify it by name and ask her to find something of the same color.

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  2. It sounds like you’re doing well; maybe you’ve even discovered the multi-layered nature of learning colors, body parts, numbers, letters, and so many more things. For instance, it’s one kind of learning to point to something red and say, “What color is this?” It’s another kind of learning to say, “Point to something red.” And another kind of learning to point to something red and say, “Find something else this color.” Those questions activate different parts of the brain. With body parts, it’s one thing to ask, “Where’s your elbow?” and something different to point to his elbow and ask, “What’s this?” So don’t be surprised or discouraged if he seems to masters one type of question before he masters the other. ❤

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