Manifestation Monday: Self-Confidence Affirmations

Hi There! I hope you are having a lovely Monday so far.

I’ll be focussing on self-confidence this week. This is something I’ve battled with all my life and I’ve been actively working on it recently.


What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.

confidence quote 1.jpg

Confidence quote 3.jpg

Confidence quote 4.jpg

Five steps to improve self-confidence:

Use positive affirmations daily – your thoughts and words shape your reality; when you say “I am confident” with conviction you will start to believe it and in believing you become confident.

Be gentle with yourself – everyone makes mistakes, don’t beat yourself up about them.

Be yourself – don’t compare yourself, your life or your actions to others, you are wonderful and unique.

Make a list of things you’re good at or you enjoy – this shows you how valuable you are.

Smile – there’s something about smiling that makes you feel better, the world deserves to see your beautiful smile.

self confidence Affirmations.jpg

Do you battle with self-confidence as well? Do you have any tips to improve self-confidence? Let me know by commenting below.

I wish you a confident week ahead.



Lindsay Sign Off




12 thoughts on “Manifestation Monday: Self-Confidence Affirmations

  1. Self confidence can develop from putting peer pressure into a healthy perspective. You can never please everybody so don’t waste your life trying.
    Self confidence can develop from acknowledging that all those ads showing skinny bodies, exotic cars, clothing styles etc. only have a single goal…which is to part you from your money! Don’t get sucked into believing the business view of how you should be.
    Self confidence is acknowledging that we are all imperfect, and all therefore make mistakes. Our imperfections simply confirm that we are human, and have all the failings that go with the species!
    Self confidence can be maintained by believing that you really are a nice person. My favorite quote:

    “I believe that I am a really nice person and if somebody sees me differently, then that is a shame… but that is their loss and not mine.”

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  2. I love this. A confident person will always take the time to compliment and build others up, because they won’t feel threatened by the success of others.
    We give ourselves power by empowering others.
    So much truth in this post.

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