Sharing a Tuesday Funny

I’ve found this little Minion Meme that totally sums up how I feel today.


Can you relate?

Have a great Tuesday!



Lindsay Sign Off


21 thoughts on “Sharing a Tuesday Funny

  1. I can relate every single day. Fortunately, for me….it’s only me here and I usually keep things tidy….I just don’t sweep or dust. Eventually….it’ll get to me but until then…..I’m going to watch another episode of Prison Break and lust after Wentworth Miller until it passes. LOL

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      1. I always thought (and still may) that it was “staged” for a television show but my children have told me (being EMTs) that they have actually been in houses like that…where they had to walk almost along the ceiling to get to a patient. UGH!


  2. Yes. Story of my life. If I ever own a home, it will be a small little bungalow. I hate house cleaning…unless I am using it as the therapeutic way of thinking about something that is on my mind. Other than that, it’s a necessary annoyance.

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