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Manifestation Monday: 30 Days of Gratitude

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I’ll be honest and admit that I had a difficult blogging month last month. It was more than just blogging, I felt like I was going through the motions in all aspects of my life. This led to a complete creative block. I had no desire to express myself creatively in any way, which is strange for me. I felt like I was losing my mind. Today is one of the first days that I’m feeling like myself again – lounge dance party and all. I want to dedicate this month (and a bit of next month) to gratitude by actively practicing gratitude every day.

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I found this fantastic 30 Days of Gratitude prompts for my gratitude journal on and I’ve decided to give it a try.

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I don’t have a gratitude journal at the moment so I’ve decided to use Home, Hugs and Huskies as my journal for the next 30 days. Feel free to join in by commenting below. I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for.

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I’m grateful for the smell of husky fur today. I love snuggling with Sam and Max, especially when both of them lay on my lap for a cuddle like they did today. Their unconditional love reminds me that I will always have two constant companions, friends and fans.

Sam arrived on our doorstep during a time of mourning for me. My childhood pet Rottweiler, Domino, passed on about a month before she arrived. I’m so grateful to have both dogs in my life, because they seem to have filled the void left by my two childhood Rottweilers, Domino and Purdita who have crossed the rainbow bridge a while ago. The smell of their fur is so comforting.


What smell are you grateful for today? Let me know by commenting below.



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30 thoughts on “Manifestation Monday: 30 Days of Gratitude

  1. Today we were out in the sun down the lake so o am grateful for the smell of summer , smell of flowers, smell of the lake , smell of tan lotion on our skin 🙂 x

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      1. I am from Portugal but live in Switzerland 🙂 it is summer now and is finally starting to be hot 🙂 but I have to say I love snow!!! 🙂 so you have summer in December rite?

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  2. I have been struggling recently as well – definitely in a creative “funk”.

    Weird as it may seem, I am grateful for the smell of my little baby’s bowel movements. I love breastfeeding, but it is hard for me not knowing how much she’s eating. That smell tells me she’s getting plenty to eat.

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  3. Lindsay, this is such a wonderful idea, good for you. I’m sure this challenge will inspire you once again. 🙂
    For me today, I’m grateful for the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Shared with my man who’s been away for the past week. Hugs to you my friend. xo

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  4. There are a few smells I’m grateful for; when I wake in the morning the first thing I notice the smell of is my son’s hair. He sleeps in our bed and usually cozied up to me. The smell of coffee brewing in the morning. The fresh morning air before it gets scorched by the summer sun!

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  5. Clove — whole or ground, it doesn’t matter — brings back memories of my favorite aunt and the feeling that she loved me unconditionally at every moment. We spent time doing things, making things, finding things, and it always seemed like fairy tale magic to me. One of our projects was sticking whole cloves into oranges to make sashays to hang in our closets. It wasn’t hard to do, but it took a lot of cloves and a lot of patient determination to cover my orange COMPLETELY. It was a satisfying success, especially since my sisters couldn’t be bothered to put their cloves closer together than 1/4″. I must have been all of 7 years old, but the scent of clove always takes me to a very peaceful, yet energized, place. Thanks for this, Lindsay!

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    1. I love baking and cooking with cloves too. They are so aromatic. It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood with your aunt. I can’t believe that you were patient enough to cover an orange, I don’t think I would be able to do that at the same age. 🙂

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