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30 Days of Gratitude Day 6: What in nature are you grateful for?

30 Days of Gratitude

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There is so much to be grateful for when it comes to nature. We went on a lovely date yesterday where I was able to fully appreciate the sea and be grateful for the experience at the same time. We spent most of the day at Boulder’s Beach, where the tide was low and the water was warm. Children were splashing in the distance and penguins were congregating on a nearby rock. I have never seen so many penguins in my life. This experience was exactly what I needed, because I was starting to feel a bit cooped in. Watching the waves roll in and recede is so therapeutic. It reminded me that life is full of changes and we have to ride the waves.

What in nature are you grateful for today?



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22 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude Day 6: What in nature are you grateful for?

  1. You just took me with you on your seaside date. Penguins in the wild? Out in nature? I have only seen penguins in captivity and nature films. How wondrous that must have been. I live a 10 minute drive from the Pacific Ocean, and I’ll be walking by one of our bays late this afternoon, so I understand exactly what you mean by therapeutic waves.

    Some of nature’s odors leave me feeling less than grateful, but other than that, I can’t think of anything in nature I’m not grateful for. If I must choose one thing, it would be clouds. Or stars. The interest they add to the sky is unending. Clouds change with wind and light and season, and bring us shade or rain or more severe things that fall from the sky. They support life. And stars spark the imagination and help us keep perspective. We really are so small in the overall scheme of things.

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    1. The penguins were amazing, two of them popped out of the water and waddled off. They were about 30cms from us. I have never been so close to penguins before. I hope you enjoy the seaside walk. Clouds and stars leave me awestruck. I hope you have a great week ahead. 🙂

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  2. Ocean air and waves rolling in, heavy sigh, nothing beats it. So incredibly therapeutic. Every time we go to the beach in either summer or winter I come back rejuvenated. I’m grateful for your lovely post Lindsay. xo

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