Manifestation Monday: Opportunity Affirmations

I’m focussing on opening the doors for new opportunities in my work life this week and I’d love it if you would join me in the journey. Changes can be scary and challenging, but if we don’t do something out of our comfort zones once in a while are we really living?


It feels like I’ve stagnated a bit on the work front, but it’s all worth it because I have both children home and the time I have with them is limited. I’ve dedicated most of my time over these few weeks to them and strengthening our family. I’m focussing on attracting more new opportunities with my books and this blog. Getting my mind space and heart space ready to embrace the opportunities fully then taking action to make them happen.


Opportunity quote 1.jpg

Opportunity Affirmations.jpg

I wish you a successful and opportunity filled week ahead.



Lindsay Sign Off



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