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Double Freebie – Today Till Tuesday

Two books, ten stories for free till Tuesday.

Get your hands on Jungle Myths and Tales: Why Series 2 and 3 for free on Amazon today.

Jungle Myths And Tales Why Series 2 Cover

Jungle Myths and Tales: Why Series 2

Jungle Myths And Tales Why Series 3 Cover

Jungle Myths and Tales: Why Series 3

This is a continuation of last week’s freebie ‘Jungle Myths and Tales: Why Series 1’ and I’m proud to present the second and third book of the series.

Ever wondered why:

Rain and fire are enemies
Hare has no tail
A warthog walks close to the ground
Jackal has a long black stripe on its back
Lightning and thunder are in the sky

Zebra has stripes
Elephant has a long trunk
Giraffe has a long neck
Mosquitoes buzz in people’s ears
Tortoise has a bald head

Learn about this and other tales in The Jungle Myths & Tales series. The series is a collection of children’s stories taken across multiple African countries and cultures as to why and how various animals and objects acquired their traits.

Each story in the collection is an African folklore – campfire stories passed on from one generation to the next through the oral and written tradition. The stories have been told to children at family gatherings, before bedtime, often with a moral ending or purely for entertainment value. The stories are often told through animals or forces of nature, indicating the belief in the seamless connection between man and nature.

These books are perfect for children aged 5 to 12, but children and adults can learn from the morals in these tales.

Feel free to download and print the accompanying colouring book with images from the entire Why Series.

Jungle Myths and Tales Colouring Book Cover

Jungle Myths and Tales Why Series Colouring Book

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Have a great Saturday!


Lindsay Sign Off



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