Siberian Saturday: Husky Humor

I found this funny husky meme on Pinterest and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.

Max and Sam are guilty of this, how about your dog?


I think I’m guilty of this when Mr is eating something that both of us enjoy.




6 thoughts on “Siberian Saturday: Husky Humor

  1. Hugh not only sees when we have food, he hears when we’re about to have food. The cellophane liner crinkling around the bread, the peanut butter jar lid being ever so softly placed on the counter, the cheese slicer being taken from the drawer, all bring him running to the kitchen, eyes wide, tail hopeful, waiting for his share. It’s comical and endearing, and more than a little befuddling.

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  2. My dog tucker has a strange condition. If there is a plate of food on the table, his tongue sometimes “falls” out in the direction of the plate. He does this while standing sideways instead of facing the plate. Apparently he thinks if he’s not facing it, we won’t notice.

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