Manifestation Monday: Change Affirmations

Change isn’t an easy process, it can be traumatic or difficult at times, but it’s often necessary and worth it.

All of us have gone through changes in our lives and I felt inspired to write this set of affirmations to encourage those who are going through a transition in their lives.


My life has changed so much this year and it continues to change every day.

I’m encouraged by all of you to become a better person, writer and mother.your-life-does-not-get-better-by-chance-it-gets-better-by-change-20130522513.jpg

Adaptability is an important character trait for a step parent to develop or have as there are multiple individuals and personalities to balance.

I’ve been tested on this over and over again as a step mother.


Situations and arrangements change very easily, which can be frustrating when you have a set out idea of what you are going to do for the day/week/ weekend, but the changes have also worked out in my favour.

I have to believe that the changes that come my way are for the better, not only for me, but for my step daughter too.

The worst part of change for me is the transitional phase – when you see the ‘outcome’ in the future, but you have to continue to function in your current situation.


This can be frustrating and difficult to navigate, but if we take a moment to enjoy the now and embrace it for the positive and negative aspects we may enjoy the process more.

Change is also a time to learn from what we’ve been through and admire and applaud ourselves for how far we’ve come.


We don’t get anywhere by staying where we are forever.

change affirmations.jpg


I wish you a wonderful week, may you embrace change and may your life change for the better every day in every way.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

3 thoughts on “Manifestation Monday: Change Affirmations

  1. Things change. That’s part of reality. Sometimes I’m even the one who makes the change happen. The important thing is how I choose to respond. Whether I have control over the change itself or not, I can be realistic and gracious, or frustrated and defiant. Adaptability is vital to our well-being.


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