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30 Days of Gratitude Day 7: What memory are you grateful for?

30 Days of Gratitude

What memory are you grateful for

I’ve been on a hiatus from posting the 30 Days of Gratitude posts lately, because of family commitments over the school holidays. I have been thinking about it daily and marking all the things I’m grateful for in my mind. I was really blessed to have both children home for three weeks, which is a rare occurance these days. Seeing the children playing together has made me reflect on my childhood and which memories I hold dear and are grateful for. I am grateful for the memory of my grandparents taking my cousin and I to the beach after playschool. I remember racing down to the shore and dipping my feet in the freezing water. The water would be so cold that I would bury my feet as deep as I could into the sand. The waves washed the sand away and I would start the process again. I loved the feeling of impermanance and thinking that if I do something or build something it could be washed away and I have the power to start again. I took my children to the same beach last week and we were able to make memories together as my grandparents and I did so many years ago. They played at the same park near the beach too, which was my way of passing the torch and watching my children with the same joy as they would have.

Which memory are you grateful for today?


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

16 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude Day 7: What memory are you grateful for?

  1. I am grateful for the memory of spending time with my boys separately this holiday, I devised a way of taking each of them out separately, to get to know what they are thinking about now that they are on holiday. Just getting to know them better and ask questions about stuff they are dealing with as preteens.

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    1. That’s so wonderful and they must enjoy that time as well. It’s lovely that you are taking time to listen to them and develop a relationship that will ensure that they will come to you in years to come. πŸ™‚

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  2. I am actually just grateful for all the childhood memories I have of my Grampy. He was the best friend I ever had. And as I take my own kids to some of the local attractions, or even just out to our cottage (the cottage he built) I find myself remembering him always being a part of everything fun, and everything important in my life.
    I miss him so much lately. It’s been 18 years since I lost him, and lately I just feel him everywhere, so I guess I’m grateful for that too.

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    1. He sounds like a wonderful and caring person. I’m grateful that you have the memories to comfort you when you miss him. It’s so great that you have somewhere that you can share memories with your children too. You must have had a special bond.

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  3. Lindsay, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I have so many memories that I am grateful for today…I don’t know where to start….Right now, I am sitting in my diningroom, looking out onto the sea. The view is gorgeous. This is the house my brother and I grew up in, and I have such beautiful memories from my childhood, till now. My kids have grown up here too, in this very house, so this house and the memories of my parents are very special to me.
    Have a lovely lovely day πŸ™‚

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  4. When I was 11, my dad had driven our whole family to our hometown to visit with relatives. He had to return to work after 3 weeks, but my sisters and I were allowed to stay for the rest of the summer. When it was time to go home, my aunt Sis took us home on a 2,200 mile train trip. Two nights and three days of adventure and scenic wonders. When someone would announce over the PA system that we were going to go through a tunnel (one 2 miles long and one 5 miles long), we would run up to the observation car, upstairs to the second level (it had a glass ceiling) and watch in the dark. The headlight of the train was so far ahead, we couldn’t see it. That trip is one of the highlights of my life. I’m only sorry that the longest train rice I was able to take my son on was 125 miles, round trip.

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  5. Wonderful post Lindsay, thanks for sharing your memories. I have so many wonderful happy memories from my childhood and hope that I’ve managed to create many special ones for my children too. Life goes way too fast not to. πŸ™‚


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