Two Thumbs Up Tuesday: 8/9

Thank you so much Not the Average Mama for mentioning my post in your Two Thumbs Up Tuesday. I appreciate the recognition 🙂

Not the Average Mama

Two thumbs up tuesday

Tuesday is dedicated to blogs I have come across the past week that I would love to share with all of you!

Home, Hugs and Huskies – Stepmom Sunday: My Stepdaughter’s Hair: I have reblogged a few of Lindsay’s posts before, but this post she wrote on Sunday about taking care of her stepdaughter’s hair is something I can totally relate too. My (step) daughter has super curly hair and learning how to take care of it took ages. I knew someone growing up with hair like Jordan’s and I saw what happened to that kind of hair when it isn’t taken care of properly. Doing Jo’s hair is also something we bonded over the past six years as well. Thank you, Lindsay, for a post that took me back in time! I will be looking forward to your Stepmom Sunday posts every week!

MakeItUlta – Advice from a Dying…

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