Tasty Tuesday: Pancake Pops

Throwback: This is an older Tasty Tuesday Post- Easy Peasy Pancake Pops. A delicious easy crowdpleasing breakfast or snack. It’s perfect for a slumber party.

Pancake Pops.jpg

I’m a self-confessed appliance addict and hoarder. I love the sense of satisfaction I get when I use them for more than their intended use. Whether it’s to make omelettes in a waffle iron or cinnamon buns in a mini donut maker; I’m always trying to find new ways to use the appliances that I hoard. Pancake pops are a sleepover staple at our house. They are so easy to make and the kids love them. I’ve added chocolate shavings to the recipe below. They are so delicious; expect to be asked for second and third helpings. I also love that I don’t have to slog over a stove all morning and cleaning up is a breeze.


I hope you enjoy the recipe!


250 ml (1 Cup) Flour

10 ml (2 teaspoons) Baking Powder/ Soda

30 ml (2 Tablespoons) Sugar

5 ml (1 teaspoon) Salt


1 Large egg

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