Siberian Saturday: How Do Huskies Play?

Siberian Saturday How Do Huskies Play.jpg

Huskies playing together is quite a sight to behold. We aren’t sure whether they are wrestling or having fun. This always intrigues and frightens visitors as soon as they lay eyes on Sam and Max. We are so used to it by now that it doesn’t bother us at all.

Huskies play wildly and violently. A moment of play can end with some blood on the floor, but it’s all good fun and no hard feelings are had between the two dogs. There’s lots of wrestling, tumbling, howling, yelping and even hair flying all over the place.

I’d like to share one such moment that we had on Tuesday morning, while playing outside.


Max lays down to signal that it’s time for play.


Sam begins by nibbling at Max’s leg.



I think it was at this point where Max realised he was in trouble.


He tries to free himself (he isn’t using much effort, because he enjoys the attention).


Oh no! Max is pinned down again.


He had enough after this point and just walked off.

How do your pups play? Let me know by commenting below.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



21 thoughts on “Siberian Saturday: How Do Huskies Play?

  1. As the adopted papa of 2 rescue cattle dogs the style of play kind of threw me at first. I was surprised at how vicious it sounded. Only one is noisy but the deep throated growl from a 40lb dog is alarming at first. Our less noisy pup is not necessarily a willing participant. She foes what she can to defend herself until she sees an opening. Then a flash charge will knock her sister off her legs. That really ramps it up! The dominant girl rolls like a gymnast and is back in the fray louder than ever. It really doesn’t last very long because it’s the full sprint of play! Great post, love the pups!

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  2. Hugh loves to leap to catch toys we throw up in the air, and of course tug-o-war, but he also plays by himself. That’s when he picks up one of his stuffed toys and flings it up so he can chase after it, or picks up a rope toy (well-chewed and loose) and thrashes it over and over against the floor. His enthusiasm for this increases if he’s seen a cat walk by the house first. lol

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  3. I have two dogs about the size of huskies and when they were younger they’d play together pretty roughly some days. There was an occasional nip and bleeding, very little, but usually when it got too rough they’d stop immediately and walk away, like they couldn’t believe things got out of hand!

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  4. My three girls also do the rough and tumble thing, but not too often. Amazes me how they always eventually end up with a mouth by the face! a bit scary for me. The main thing is they play nicely. They run around the back yard like little crazies getting exercise, and love playing ball 🙂

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