Teaching Thursday: Free Monster Maths Printables

Throwback: Free Maths Printable Flashcards.


I hope you are having a wonderful day so far.

I’ve been working on these printables for a few days now and they are finally ready for Teaching Thursday. Please enjoy these flashcards and booklets that I’ve made to teach little ones how to count from 1 to 20. They are great for number recognition, spelling and writing.

I’ve printed the flashcards on cardstock and covered them in contact plastic. Half of the booklet I’ve put up in the classroom and the other half is in his flipfile, where he can trace the numbers and letters with a dry erase marker and wipe when he is done.

1-9 Number Flashcard Colour.jpgMonster Maths Flashcards Colour

Monster Maths 10 - 18 Flashcards BW.jpgMonster Maths Flashcards Black and White


MY NUMBERS BOOKLET COVER BW.JpgMonster Maths Booklet Black and White

I hope you like these printables.

There’s more to come in the next Teaching Thursdays.

Stay Blessed!

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