Everything I packed in my hospital bag

A throwback to one of my favourite posts that I’ve written so far. Giving birth was a wonderful and stressful time for me and I hope this post detailing everything I packed in my hospital bag will help new moms. It has two free printables, one for natural birth and the other for c-section moms. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this post by commenting below. ❤


I am the type of person who believes ‘rather over pack than under pack’ and this has never applied more than when I packed my hospital bag. I like to prepare well ahead so this bag was packed around late 6 months early 7 months into my pregnancy, but we only needed to use it on the scheduled C-section date.

Everything I packed in my hospital bag.jpg

I packed many things and this is what I wish I left at home:

Breast pump – you can read why in my previous post, here

Shampoo, conditioner and hairdryer – I had a C-section. I couldn’t shower, never mind wash and blow dry my hair. I couldn’t lift my hands over my head, to be honest.

Ear plugs and sleep masks – I didn’t need them, because the ward was very quiet.

Lotion and makeup – I didn’t use any of these. I had no desire to put on…

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5 thoughts on “Everything I packed in my hospital bag

  1. Omg thank u for this list I give birth in two months and having my second c-section and BabyGirl might be coming sooner then expected and I’m a nervous wreck but hopefully will be fine and hopefully I recover as quickly as possible!

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      1. Oh yes definitely taking it easy. It’s been so different this pregnancy most baby weight. Gained a few more pounds then my first since she’s going to be a bigger baby.


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