The Potty Training Woes and Oh Nos!

We bought this awesome Fisher Price My Potty Buddy (or Cheer for Me Potty) from Takealot.


As soon as it arrived the Little One asked, “What’s in the box?” I tore at the package excitedly and assembled it as quickly as I could.

My son fell in love instantly, particularly with the reflective flush handle that makes a click click noise that sends him into a giggling fit. In that moment I envisaged him using the potty and we’d have a dance party right after.

Let’s fast forward to me this evening, lying in fetal position on a matress on the floor, singing potty songs while my toddler laughs and refuses to use the potty at all.

He is not afraid of the potty, he loves the potty. He sits and reads and sings on the potty, but he just won’t use it!

So here I am, asking you for any advice, tips, tricks or words of encouragement for me.

This whole experience makes me miss Mr even more.

So if you can help me out, I’d appreciate it immensely.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


16 thoughts on “The Potty Training Woes and Oh Nos!

  1. Props to your son for not ripping off the toilet paper roll. That’s all my daughter did when we had a similar contraption. I potty trained a girl but with her what worked was taking off the diaper and putting her in underwear. She hated peeing her pants and then always used the potty after!

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  2. There is no size fits all with regards to potty training, especially as your toddler may view this potty as a toy and not a potty and who wants to mess up a toy?

    But.. try sitting him on it for up to five minutes directly following meals (especially breakfast). The bowels are particularly loose after eating and so he is more likely to go even if it is by accident than at other times in the day.

    Next get a sticker chart (or if you aren’t a fan of stickers just outline a grid on a sheet of paper). Everytime the kid does his thing give him a star. Twenty Stars in a row gets a small reward. Extra ice cream. Stay up an extra 10 minutes. etc. just something to celebrate the success.

    Then take the diapers (or pull-ups) away and only use underwear. Even if he still has the occasional accident. There is no better incentive to use the potty before it is too late than wet pants.


  3. Oh dear. I’ve never had boys and we just went the traditional route of what the person above me suggested…pull-ups, then underwear. Being on a really predictable schedule helps too. That way as soon as he (eventually) mentions having to go, you can take him to the potty.

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  4. I was going to say, it’s much easier when another boy or Man shows them how it’s done. My youngest brother learned by watching my younger brother. My younger brother learned my watching my Dad. I wish I had more advice. Any kid friendly potty books to share with him?

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    1. I think I’ll have to take him over to my Dad’s this weekend so he can help, Mr will be away for a while so no help there. Thanks for the advice though. I appreciate it. There are lots of books and songs. I hope he catches my drift soon. 🙂

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  5. I’m just starting potty training with my daughter. She will sit on the potty, but only with her nappy on! Or if she doesn’t have a nappy on she will sit on the potty for a second or two and get off. It’s a start though I suppose.. ☺

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