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Friday Five!

Hello everyone and welcome to my Friday Five.

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Friday Five is where I list my five favourite blog posts. These are posts that have informed, inspired, motivated and made me laugh.

I would like to thank everyone on this list for taking the time to write these posts. You have improved my week immensely and I appreciate every word.


I adored this post by Jennie, where she commemorated International Day of Peace at her school with her students. It’s heart-warming to know that she positively impacts the lives of her students every day and her post about the Peace Quilt and other peace activities is no exception.

A Teacher’s Reflections – International Day of Peace

This is quite a funny post and I found myself chuckling all the way through as she gives helpful ‘tips’ on how to be the cool parent. Let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to be the cool parent. 🙂

Coffee and Bubbles – Mumsplaining: Being Cool

This post was written by my dear friend Miriam and the message it brings is so important. We impact the environment every single day and if we treat it well it will treat us well. Let’s all be more conscious and proactive in caring for Mother Nature.

Out An’ About – Human Impact

I’m extremely excited about this post by my friend Sue, because she tells us about her new book. Sue has been so supportive on my writing journey and she deserves all the success with her upcoming book. She has chapters one to three for you to read as well, which is absolutely riveting. Great job Robb and Sue!

Space, Time and Raspberries – Enhanced By Robert P. Beus and S. T. Ranscht

This post tugged at my heartstrings. It felt like this mom knew me and knew exactly what I was going through at the moment. She reminds us to take a moment and appreciate ourselves, what we do and to communicate our needs to our partners.

The Muddled Mother – Losing Your Identity As A Mother


Thanks again to all these bloggers. May you have a wonderful weekend ahead and I’ll see you again next Friday for my Friday Five.

Which post was your favourite? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

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