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Manifestation Monday: Silence Affirmations

Good Morning from a cold and overcast Cape Town.

I’ll be focussing on silence this Manifestation Monday.

Silence Quote 2.jpg

By focussing on silence and being silent we take the time to reenergise and reconnect with our inner balance or peace.

We often detach from this inner peace and succumb to stress, but a moment of silence is the solution to reducing the stress in our mind, body and world.

Silence Quote 3.jpg

Silence may seem hard to find with all the noise daily life throws at us, especially in the city.

Silence Quote 4.jpg

Here are some ways we can embrace peace and silence today:

  • Light some candles
  • Listen to soft soothing music
  • Plant some flowers or spend time in the garden.
  • Switch off the television or any other electrical devices for a period of time.
  • Avoid or limit coming into contact with loud people.
  • Find a quiet place to meditate or pray.
  • Go for a walk outside or in nature.
  • Spend time at the beach or lake.
  • Do some breathing exercises.

Silence Quote 1.jpg

Here are this weeks affirmations:

Silence Affirmations.jpg

I hope that you will be enfolded in the arms of silence today.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


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