The Writers Slump

Throwback to one of my older posts about writing and self-publishing. Going through a slump and getting out can be a difficult process as a writer and blogger. This post highlights exactly how I was feeling during a difficult time and how I feel from time to time. I hope you enjoy this post and know that you are not alone. ❤

The Writer's Slump.jpg

I’m sure all self-published authors go through a slump. I had a terrible one yesterday. My sales numbers declined hectically and I felt quite worthless, to be honest.

Every writer wants to be the best. I worked for hours and hours on my stories and illustrations and hardly anyone read it. I try not to be hard on myself, because everything takes time. Then some wisdom from my late grandmother came to me. She would always say in Afrikaans (A South African Dialect), “Môre sal die son weer skyn.” Translated as: the sun will shine again tomorrow.

Her words resonated with me so much. It was exactly what I needed. I understand that I have to feel what I’m feeling, all the hurt and anxiety so that I can move on and have a better day tomorrow.

So today is the tomorrow I was talking about yesterday and I really…

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3 thoughts on “The Writers Slump

  1. I don’t nearly have as much experience as you but whenever I want to get out of slump for writing or anything I try to create experiences for myself. Try something new with friends, look up a new hobby, go to a new class (exercise, art, music), see a new movie…anything that takes your mind off of what you may be stressing about will help you relax. Usually when I’m having fun or doing something new I have this little moment where I’m like “I wanna write about this moment” or something similar to it!

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I think I’m in a slump right now due to all the home renovations going on around me and it doesn’t seem like I can clear my head. Maybe going out is the answer. Thanks for the advice. have a wonderful day further ❤

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  2. I felt this way today about one of the sites I write for. I feel like I am not doing as well as the other contributors and being excluded. I hate that feeling and I hate that for you. I know it can be hard not to get discouraged, but you are fantastic. Keep at it girl!


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