How I feel when I’m putting my toddler to sleep

Throwback to a funny post that I wrote in June, but it is still relevant today.


There used to be a time when the Little One loved to nap. He would nap on time for a few hours and I was able to get everything done in peace. Those days are long gone!

Now my son puts up a fight every nap time and bed time. He gets really grumpy when he’s tired and knows that he has to sleep, but he just doesn’t want to. This leads to one cranky child and one exasperated mom.


Me: Would you like to take a nap?

Him: Hell no! (he didn’t say that, but he gave me that look)


So I grab him and hold him.


Then he starts to say all the new words he learned this week in an attempt to be as cute as possible so that I will let him go.

Him: Octagon, apple, elephant, lion, I love you.

giphy alligator.gif

*From giphy.com

So now…

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