Writing Wednesday: Sharing A Piece I Wrote In 2009


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I have been Spring cleaning recently and came across a few pieces I wrote many years ago that I would like to share with you. My writing journey has been going on for quite some time now. My love for telling stories was definitely influenced by my childhood and the passion grew as soon as I received my first library card. By sharing this with you I hope to bring you more insight into how I became the writer I am today.

The prompt for this piece was:

On warm, honey-coloured days, I’d steal

Away to visit an old forgotten oak.

There I sat: an unnoticed child at

The annual marriage of fading summer

And coming winter, until the fluttering

Confetti of leaves lay in whispering

heaps around me. Anon.


The total word count was up to 450 words, but I could have written many more to round the story out. I was reading many historical romance novels at the time of writing this and it influenced the direction that this piece was going. So for your reading enjoyment here it is:


Stretching my legs onto the grass, the branches of the oak tree averting my eyes from the sun’s malicious glare, I survey the page in front of me. Blank. Daunting. I am an avid reader and novelist, one of the best of my time. I look up at the enormity of the tree, each branch unique, and each ring intricate. It was a home for many and a friend for all.

The oak knew of plots and plans, latent love, lazy summers, crimes of passion, lies, deceit and secrets. The tree knew of unconditional love and the profound sacrifices made to preserve it.


You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back” – Barbara De Angelis

She danced in the autumn sun; the last of the season, her hair reflected the light like tiny mirrors. He leaned against the tree and smiled at her innocence, knowing that they only had these few moments together before nightfall. He wanted to take her into his strong arms, but opted for a dance instead. She was wearing a beautiful sundress and he, a shirt and trousers in fashionable beige. He caressed her cheek with his soft hand and gazed into her hazel eyes. He lifted his chin and proclaimed his love for her. She was awestruck. Then they heard her mother in the distance. She gathered her skirts and ran. They both knew that their love could not be.


What is shadow, but darkness looking for light; what is fear, but courage looking for hope?” -Anon

She stumbled over the root of the tree; she could not see and clutched at her aching belly. Her cape pulled over her body to conceal her figure, the hood concealing her young face. If the ladies of the town had to find out about her condition, they would crucify her. She rested at the base of the large tree. She knew her time was fast approaching. Her heart raced and she breathed hard. Pain after pain lashed relentlessly at her body. She was not ready! Sweat poured from her brow, she screamed for help. Would help come?


The smell of mature wheat wafting in the air, crickets sing from the stalks to the fog. Another voice joins in gossamer tones, one heart calling to another.” –Anon

She smiled as she saw him approaching, her heart filled with unexplainable emotions. He was battered and bruised, but she had no care for such frivolities He was alive! She waited at the wise old oak for him to return. He dropped his bags and she lunged into his arms. Grateful to God that he was spared in battle, she leaned and put her head on his chest as he lowered his hand onto her head. His eyes misty and his lips quivering. The tree had witnessed the reunion of two hearts joined by unconditional love.


Winter was nearing when I wrote the fourth chapter. The tree’s leaves browning then falling at my sides. The tree knew many seasons and had tales that would be told for all eternity.


Let me know what you think of this by commenting below 🙂

Happy writing!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

6 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Sharing A Piece I Wrote In 2009

  1. I can see the influence of historical romance novels there 😉 You should really develop it into a full novel – perhaps with the writer’s story and her heroine’s story jumping from one chapter to the other, showing how one’s life influences the other (just going with what you did). Happy writing 🙂

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