DIY Busy Board

I love this DIY Busy Board by The Stay at Home Life. It is such a fun way to engage young children.

The Stay At Home Life

If you have kids that have a very short attention span like me, here is an easy cheap project you could put together. The nice this about this project is, there is no right way to do it. After spending a fortune buying the kids different music and light up toys, they always go for the remote control, door stops, and the toilet paper.

This project is fun to make too because you get to shop for random items that kids love. On mine, I have an old house phone with an extra long curly cord that I found at Goodwill. I found the toilet paper holder with shower rings on it, push button star night light, flip up pocket mirror, and calculator at the local DollarTree. And all of the different locks, spinning wheel and loud spring door stoppers were all found at Walmart.

As soon as I gaveā€¦

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