Giraffe House 1st Birthday Party

Throwback to my son’s first birthday party at The Giraffe House in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. His next birthday is around the corner and these photos have me quite emotional. Have a look and let me know what you think!


Hi Everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely Friday so far.

I’ve decided to keep this A – Z Challenge post light (it is Friday, after all) and share images of my son’s first birthday party at the Giraffe House in Cape Town.

Planning and executing children’s parties is a passion of mine and I was so excited to host one for my son. I booked the venue, organised the decor and made most of the food myself. The birthday cake was made by my best friend and we had a great day all round.


The entrance to the Giraffe House.


The decor we had at the party. The venue gave us those little wooden giraffes as party favours. The kids loved them.


Some of the animals we saw. Each of the children were given a feeding bucket and were able to feed certain animals. They absolutely loved it.

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