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Lindsay’s Life Update: First Day of November


Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t get yourself going? It feels like your batteries are flat and you are just drifting along as the day progresses then look forward to night time. You can’t wait to get into bed and savour every second of sleep you can get. Well that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. I couldn’t get myself to open my laptop or check my phone, because I was so tired. It was as if my soul was tired too.


It all started this Saturday when we worked till two the next morning renovating the house. I painted the insides of the closets and cleaned until it felt like my arms were going to fall off. I was exhausted mentally and physically.


It was also the Little One’s birthday this weekend and I was consumed with guilt as I had not put him first this year, due to the ongoing renovations (of course). Mr sent the Little One gifts and he was so excited that he played with them all day so it lifted the mood somewhat. We had a cake and Skyped while the Little One blew the candles.


Mr has been away for exactly two months now and this is starting to take its toll. We will be seeing him during Christmas break, but I hope we will see each other sooner. This was a very difficult birthday for me as Mr has never missed one of the Little One’s birthdays before.


We also worked on the house again on Sunday and it’s about 90% complete. There are a few zones that require attention, but we should be on track to finish the renovation this week. Finally!


This all led to my break from blogging that I’m ending today. So hello to you and hello to November!

Let’s make it a great month as we lead up to December break.


Love and blessings to you and yours,

Lindsay Sign Off



7 thoughts on “Lindsay’s Life Update: First Day of November

  1. Oh Lindsay, you haven’t stopped ! No wonder you are worn out and feel like some time out. With Mr being away as well, that too, does not help. Hope things start to settle down for you. Happy November 🙂 Thinking of you. Hugs xxx


  2. Oh Lindsay, I really feel for you. I had one of those days too yesterday but it sounds as though you had good reason. It can’t be easy doing everything alone. Big hugs to you and here’s hoping for a calmer November. Take care xo

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  3. Lindsay I have been feeling the exact same way the last couple days!!! I blame it on the weather and change of seasons- ha.The good news is usually once we get those days over with, there is only renewed energy coming our way in the future! (Unless, of course, one is anemic- but that is my nursing talking 😉 ). Lol. I hope you are feeling better and are having a WONDERFUL day. Give the Little One a happy birthday squeeze for me ❤

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