Max is Stuck!

Max absolutely loves sleeping behind this decorative flower pot in front of our house. We ended up moving it closer to the wall during the renovations, but I forgot to let Max know. Which led to a funny situation. Here are the pics:




He tried to wiggle his way out.


Then he slowly started accepting his fate.



He eventually escaped the pot plant and hasn’t tried to wedge himself in the crevice again.

What’s your pet’s favourite sleeping spot? Let me know by commenting below!

Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


15 thoughts on “Max is Stuck!

  1. OMW !!! isn’t it funny how Max managed to wiggle his way behind the pot? he really must have been confused, thinking…I used to be able to get behind this thing, what happened.
    One of mine, also loves the area between the one wall and plant pot by the pool, other than that, they pretty much chill out wherever in the garden or in fact love their kennels, they are big kennels, and have loads of fun in them. But, I must say, with all the rain, we have had them inside the kitchen, so this has really become their favourite place 🙂

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  2. So cute! Mine, though too big unless they turn on their sides, wiggle under my four poster during the summer. Of course, when they want out, someone has to lift the bed! Unlike Max who learned his lesson, my Rotties insist on returning to their favourite spot 🙂

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