Things to consider before dating someone with children.

Blending Without the Lid

1. Are you in this to get married someday? If you aren’t, be upfront, and don’t spend time with the children as their parent’s friend. The may be fine with what you want, but leading them on could hurt them and their children.

2. Are you ready to take on their children as your own? You may already have children, and you had to learn to be their parent. Are you willing to learn how to be a stepparent? It’s a whole different experience, and the rules are usually completely different.

3. Are you positive the person you want is completely finished with the ex? When children are involved, some people will cling to a doomed relationship like it’s a lifesaver and they’re drowning.
4. Even if the perspective significant other is over the ex, you’re still going to have to deal with them frequently. Are you prepared to never…

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