Siberian Sunday: Recovery From Sterilization


I don’t have much husky news this week as Sam and Max have had their sterilization surgery on Wednesday. They are recovering slowly and needing more of my attention than usual.

They were well behaved when I collected them from the vet, but Sam was definitely worse off than Max. She was quite groggy and depressed. She didn’t want to eat her supper either, but eventually opted for soft foods and lots of water. Max returned quite perky as if nothing happened. He had some bruising that seems to be clearing up.

Their stitches will dissolve so we do not need to cart them to the vet again. We also have to separate the dogs at the moment so that they do not rough house and disturb their stitches in the process.

So we will wait and see how soon they recover. If you have any tips for me let me know by commenting below!


Love and blessings from all of us,

Lindsay Sign Off


5 thoughts on “Siberian Sunday: Recovery From Sterilization

  1. Aww shame Lindsay. The worst is when they are sore and you feel so useless. Mine were done three years ago, but at three month intervals as they are all three months apart in ages and if I remember correctly they were pretty much zonked out on pain meds initially. I kept mine in a nice comfy spot in the house and although they were puppies it was as if they knew that the other was sore and they were quite good. I really just played nurse and protected them as best I could. Try and prevent them from running around too much. Just check on the wounds frequently as if you feel it’s looking a bit inflamed or whatever, phone your vet.
    Love and hugs to all of you. xxx


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