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The Birthday Party That Wasn’t


When it comes to my children’s birthdays I go all out. I love throwing a massive party and having everyone come over and celebrate with us. When my step daughter lived with us we would have her friends over every second weekend and at the end of every term for a party. So in the run up to my son’s special day I had every intention to plan something special for his day. Only problem was that the renovations dragged on (as they usually do) and the plans fell through.


We were renovating on his birthday. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve renovated before and it took a good six months to complete and I was pregnant at the time so I should have known better. At least we had a cake, which my mom baked and his dad sent an amazing gift set of all his favourite things so he was none the wiser. All he wanted to do was play with his new toys all day.


This taught me that the little things matter. He just wanted to be outside playing with his toys and he ate cake throughout the week and that was it. The cake didn’t go as planned either, because I misplaced the piping set so I had to spread the icing and just put the edible print out on top. The Little One didn’t care, he was just happy to have a cake in the first place. My favourite moment of the day was being able to Skype his dad while blowing the candles so he could be involved with the Little One’s birthday even though he is far away.


My plans may have been dashed, but it was a good birthday and the Little One went to bed happy that’s all that matters.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

15 thoughts on “The Birthday Party That Wasn’t

  1. We had a birthday party one year.. I had everything all set up; the food made, the activities for the kids all set up and the birthday boy’s older brother came down with a raging fever and a rash we had long since been able to diagnose as strep throat… needless to say every parent met us at the door and dropped off their gift. I took pictures of everything and made a scrapbook party of the day; best part?! My son didn’t care that his birthday party was canceled. He happily opened his gifts and played with his brother and father…. it really showed me that I was the one putting the importance on the parties & that I needn’t stress so much. Kids are pretty happy and easy to please.


  2. With my kiddos birthday coming up.. I am just not into planning and working, thinking of having a chilled out birthday where I can just relax so maybe will take a trip ..loved reading your blog..Happy B’DAY TO YOUR KID! 😀

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  3. I also love going all out for my daughters’ birthday parties. Once they give me their theme, I take it from there. I think the parents, mothers especially, are more excited than the kiddos. While kids are more into the simplicity of parties, we tend to go all out when the smaller things pleases them in the end.

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    1. So we are definitely kindred spirits. 🙂 I definitely enjoy it more than the kids. I think they just want cake and the chance to be around their friends and family. I have no regrets though, because they will only be little for so long. Lots of love to you and your family. ❤

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