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Moongazing With The Little One


The Little One and I have taken up some early evening moongazing at my parent’s house. He loved looking at the moon so much that he didn’t want to go to bed tonight.

I hope you enjoy the moon from where ever you are!


Love and blessings today and always,

Lindsay Sign Off


20 thoughts on “Moongazing With The Little One

  1. Picture perfect family moment ❀ Thank you for sharing with us, Lindsay! We tried to see the moon, but it was super foggy tonight! I saw it once briefly and it wasn't crazy large or anything- just a slightly bigger full moon. Glad you got to spend such good time with the little ones !

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  2. That’s just lovely! My boys and I used to lay out in the field at our farm and watch the moon and stars. The older boy lives in a different state now but the younger one will text me to go outside and look at the stars. He lives just a few miles away so we see the same things. I love that, even in his early 30’s, he still likes star-gazing with his mama!

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