How to make your own happy planner

Cragg Farm House

Oh how I love planners, let me count the ways. Just kidding about the counting but I do love organization and planners. I get a sence of calmness when I have a visual layout of my days, weeks, and months.

There are so many planner options available these days. They have evolved into a beautiful highly personalized item that you can spend anywhere from $4-$60 depending on what you need for your life. I spent a couple weeks looking into a variety of diffrent planners before I decided what I wanted.

I really loved the Happy Planner by meandmybigideas.com It was so fun, and inspiring, with stickers, inspiring worded dividers, beautiful design. The options to customize and fit your needs and lifestyle were endless with a variety of expansion packs (budget, wedding, fitness and recipe add-ins). Itโ€™s exactly what I wanted but the price of $20-$40 was just not inโ€ฆ

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