Writing Wednesday: Writer Looking For Beta Readers!

Hi there!

I’ve just launched my latest book Adam and Amelia’s Christmas Cookie Catastrophe (available on Amazon on Monday 21st November 2016).


A bit more about the book:

Twins Adam, Amelia and their parents are invited Gran’s annual Christmas party. This comes with a lot of pressure for their mom, Jane, to outdo herself with the Christmas cookies this year.
The twins can’t wait till the party to sample the Christmas cookies their mom spent all morning preparing. This is when everything goes wrong…
Read the hilarious story of Adam and Amelia and how they recover from their Christmas Cookie Catastrophe.

This story is perfect and heart-warming Christmas story for anyone aged 5 to 11. It also teaches the value of resourcefulness, teamwork and admitting when you’ve made a mistake.

I’m looking for book bloggers, parents or anyone else who would like to Beta read and review this book.


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15 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Writer Looking For Beta Readers!

    1. Hi there. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been so ill lately. Would it be possible for you to email me so that I can send you a copy? I would hate for you to comment with your email address and get spammed. Thanks for offering. I look forward to chatting to you further.


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