3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

Dream Big, Dream Often

blogexciteAre you interested in my thoughts on blogging and my answers to a few questions I was asked this past week?  Here are answers every blogger in the world needs to understand:

“Why does it seem that there are a lot of blogs with a couple thousand followers or less and then 10,000 followers or more?”

This past week I have received quite a few emails asking me about growing a blog and this particular question came up.  Apparently someone else has noticed this trend.  The truth is I’m not sure why this gap exists, but it has existed since I first started my blog in 2014.  I’ll be curious to read other’s opinions and thoughts on the matter.  I think part of it has to do with work ethic and devotion to craft.  Not to say the smaller blogs are not devoted.  What I mean is the larger blogs are…

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6 thoughts on “3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

  1. Like anything, it’s your effort that will determine how your blog will grow. My blog isn’t large (it’s been going since April), and since I’ve started I have reorganized and added to it. Do I want to grow faster? Not at this point. It’s part of my daily life, but not the main focus. I am a huge Twitter fan too, and I’m also on other social media. Overall, I don’t know how many people follow me just for my blog, but I love what I’m doing and I’m having fun with it! I also follow Harsh Reality and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the helpful tips. I do find it hard to follow all the bloggers who have liked mine. I try to read all of them and make a comment now and then, but I find that it takes so much time I can’t write anything of my own. I think taking a couple of days to catch up would work best for me.

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      1. I could not imagine doing all of what you do. I do not have any children, so I commend you for doing what you are doing. You must not get much sleep.


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