Strategies to Deal With Toxic People

Being around toxic people has a negative impact on us, Especially if it’s a co-worker,family member or spouse. Without these difficult relationships I wouldn’t know the appropriate way to approach them without conflict. But, What defines a toxic person? I actually don’t think the person is toxic but more of their attitude and behavior toward our relationship is toxic. Common behavior includes:

  • Causing drama in their lives or surrounded bystanders.
  • Using others only when it benefits them.
  • Manipulating people.
  • Overly judgemental of people.
  • Belittling everyone.

It’s important to realize that we all play a role in interacting with toxic people, We’ll either diffuse the situation or add more fuel to the fire. You only control you, Trying to change others is near impossible. The only thing we can do is provide support or learn to forgive them for their behavior.

It’s crucialto notice the signs of you being…

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