Breastfeeding as a Stay at Home Mom vs. a Working Mom

Breastfeeding Bistro

As I reflect on my daughter’s first year of breastfeeding I find myself comparing the journey to my first daughter’s. It’s impossible not to even though the situations are completely different. With my first, Claire, I went back to work full time as a teacher when she was only 12 weeks old. I had to constantly think about my milk production, schedule, and pump supplies. With my second, Natalie, I opened my own mini daycare and stayed home with her and her older sister. Schedule didn’t matter nearly as much and my pump no longer was attached to me, literally.

img_0162 “This is the best pillow, Mom”

Going from a Working Mom to a SAHM/WAHM I have noticed some major differences.. As a SAHM there is:

LESS PUMPING- or any pumping really.  Hallelujah. I pumped probably 50 ounces in total with Natalie. Compared to 10-12 ounces a day with Claire.


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