Practical Self-Publishing Tips: How to Back Up Your Book Manuscripts and Marketing Files

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A Reminder from Russell Phillips on the Self Publishing Advice Centre site:


If you’ve ever lost a piece of work thanks to a computer problem, you need to read indie author Russell Phillips’ simple back-up strategy that will help any self-published writer banish that particular nightmare. The cautionary tale with which he kicks off his guest post is a sobering warning against complacency.

Recently, I read a news story about an author who ran into a burning house to save his laptop. Luckily, the author survived and rescued the novels stored on his laptop. If he’d had backups, he wouldn’t have had to risk his life to save his work. Backups will also save you from burglars, computer failure, and simple human error like mistakenly deleting files or chapters.

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How to Back Up Your Files

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