Christmas time at Harrods


This weekend I visited Harrods for the first time. My first impressions? Wow, it’s so beautiful. There are glistening lights on every single surface you can see, the window displays are so intricate and there are gigantic Christmas trees lit up outside… it’s simply gorgeous. Once I stepped inside, the interiors were just as intricate and breath-taking.


After marvelling at the gorgeous interiors and gifts, my boyfriend and I decided to visit where else but the food area! The moment we stepped in we were overwhelmed with the choice of pastries, cakes, breads, and savoury dishes. I think I found my heavenly place here!


Of course, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to try one of Harrods’s delicious offerings and so I treated myself to “The Christmas Croissant” which was a fresh croissant filled with turkey, sausage meat stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was divine! My boyfriend bought the “Pig wrapped…

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