What I learned about writing and self-publishing

Shereena Badu

Back in the day when we used to hear someone has written a book,  to us that was a big accomplishment that was beyond compare. I mean don’t get me wrong writing a book is the biggest accomplishment! Contradiction right? Yes and no, because not everyone is creative and can sit down or want to sit down and structure their thoughts and ideas into a book. However I learned something when I discovered self publishing that blew my mind. I learned that actually even though before it was  impossible or beyond certain people’s level to get their story out there, today the possibilities are endless. The Internet does not discriminate or pick and choose. why am I saying that ?
“If I waited for perfection. I would never write a word”. – Margaret Atwood
Before you needed traditional publishers to approve your work before you had any real chance of get your…

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