Boulders Beach Experience

I absolutely love Boulders Beach and Can’t wait to visit there again. Check out Fiona’s post on one of my favourite beaches in one of my favourite towns.

360 exposure

20161128_105232 View while lying on Boulder’s Beach

I don’t often go to Boulders Beach & surrounding areas. Let alone I seldom swim at Boulder’s Beach purely for two major reasons.

  1. Unless you hit the beach in the weekday, it is generally crowded with tourists experiencing the amazing scenic beauty that Simonstown has to offer. Whilst those who have absorbed the scenery, spend their time snapping pictures of the African Penguin who exit the beach in their ‘tuxedo suits’ strutting the beach as if they are on a fashion catwalk!
  2. If you enjoy floating / wading in knee high water this beach is perfect for you. However if you are more of the adventurous type, favouring snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking & surfing then this is not the beach for you, as many of these activities are banned from the beach because of it being a breeding colony for the African Penguin.


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6 thoughts on “Boulders Beach Experience

    1. Yes, they congregate on a large rock formation/ island in the ocean at Boulders Beach. I’m not sure about the warm water part, because Cape Town water isn’t warm due to the Atlantic current. Warmer water is found on the East coast. Towns like Durban have water that is much warmer than Cape Town’s.

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      1. Yes, we have sections of the Pacific like that when the water currents come down from Alaska. I think it depends on the weather as to how the currents flow. I found them warm this year, but generally they are ice cold.

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