The Duck Parade at Vergenoegd Wine Estate

We spent some time at this lovely wine estate called Vergenoegd during the school holidays. It was an extra special day for the kids as they were going to the duck parade. It was a sunny afternoon and the gravel road leading up to the estate seemed to enhance the excitement.

There were a few moms with their children of various ages who were anxious to see the ducks as well. We waddled across the path and settled at table number 10. Mr and I ordered the most delicious coffee we’ve had in a while and the children had a soft drink.


The resident goose, Rocco, greeted us warmly and was a fan favourite among all the tables. He is friendly enough to touch, but he soon grew tired of all the titivating as soon as a group of toddlers encircled him.


Mr and the kids took some time to…

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