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Sharing Some Photos From An Unplanned Roadtrip

In 2014 we decided to try and take a new route to Mr’s parents home to spend the holidays with them. Things went South from the minute we left, our food spilled out all over the car, the Little One became extremely car sick the entire trip and we got lost. We were so lost that we had found our way onto a dirt road and had to turn around. Mr decided that we should settle down in Upington as we were extremely exhausted and stressed out. This actually became one of our favourite family vacations. We found a really great place to stay (thank you Google). Here are some pics of the kids at the self-catering home we stayed at:




So we arose early the next morning and made our way to our destination. I’d love to return to Upington and explore the city a bit more.


Have you ever taken a wrong turn and it turned into an unexpected roadtrip? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off



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