Stumbled Upon: How Do Homeless Women Handle Menstruation


How do homeless women handle menstruation is something that I’ve wondered about for the longest time. My time of the month isn’t enjoyable and I’m empathetic towards women who are homeless or live in shelters. Sanitary pads are expensive and our government is moving to remove the tax on them so that they are afforable for all.

The Kindness Challenge has opened me to seeing opportunities of kindess and being kind to myself and others.

I’ve collaborated with my Grandmother’s church and they have drives a few times a year. Last year we donated various sanitary items to Rainbow of Hope.

I’d like to work with/ donate to The Saartje Baartman Centre for Women and Children or The Haven in Cape Town this year.

Here’s the article that inspired this post –Women 24.com – How do Homeless Women Handle Menstruation.

Spare a thought for a homeless woman, a…

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One thought on “Stumbled Upon: How Do Homeless Women Handle Menstruation

  1. Interesting observation. In the US, birth control is available basically for “free” to anyone willing to come in to the health department and get an exam each year and request birth control. Many products relieve the woman of their cycle and or need for pads. I’m however not certain how many people are aware of that. I said “free” because it is open to anyone and whether or not and how much they pay is based on their salary. I know there are homeless people who actually work.

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