Friday Five

Saturday Six!

Hello there and welcome to another Saturday Six! I’ve been unable to post my regular content due to some heavy floods in my area yesterday. This must have affected the telephone and internet lines, which I hope will be fixed by Monday. I’ll be living off the grace of God and cellphone data until then so I hope you’ll bear with me till then…

Saturday Six - Copy.jpg

So back to my amazing Saturday Six, they are my six favourite blog posts this week. I was so inspired and brought to tears by two of these posts. It’s so difficult to find honesty these days and Comfortable Coup and The Journey of My Left Foot definitely had this in spades this week. I also have a wonderful post on manifestation by The Utopia Universe and an inspirational message from Simply Etta D (all their posts are amazing and inspirational) and delicious Christmas cookie recipes by Artsy Teen and SassyCatK that are perfect for the season of giving!


Here are their posts in more detail:


These look like amazing Christmas themed treats that are easy to make and even easier to eat. Why don’t you check out Artsy Teen’s recipe in the link below?

Artsy Teen – How To Make Snowball Cookies


Simply Etta D – The Shackles Of Fear

cookies and milk.jpg

SassyCatK – 5 Simple and Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes

Being poor isn't a choice anyone makes

The Comfortable Coop – Being Poor

The Journey Of My Left Foot – Just A Blur


The Utopia Universe – 4 Great Tips For Your Wish


I’d like to extend a huge thank you to this week’s Saturday Six for inspiring me and so many others this week.


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

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