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On The 11th Day Of #Blogmas – My Dogs’ Christmas Wishlist

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Hello there again, I’m so glad that I’m back on track with #blogmas posts. There is still no internet or outgoing calls here. The power has also been cutting throughout the day, but I’m here and ready to share my dogs’ wishlist. Okay so Max and Sam can’t tell me what they want, but here’s a few items that they would love to have in their stocking this year. I’d love to share these dog gifting ideas with you.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that I am compensated for the items you buy directly from this post. You are obviously under no obligation to buy any of these items, but it may serve as inspiration for your or a loved one’s furkid. Just click on the image for more information on the product. Thanks!

Max’s Wishlist Items – Max is a 17 month old husky male who loves chewing things, lounging around, giving kisses and being groomed.


Max is obsessed with these cow hoof chews. If we give him one he will be busy chewing away all day so this will definitely be in his stocking.

He loves playing tug of war with Sam so this will be perfect for both of them.

Here is another wonderful chewing ring. He has an older one that needs to be replaced. It is his favourite toy by far!

The Furminator groomer is a must have for any Husky owner or dog with long fur. They shed bucketloads so this should make things much easier to reduce the 365 day shed. 🙂

I saw this on The Dog Whisperer and adore it. Huskies have so much energy and this weighted back pack should tire Max out when we are taking a walk around the neighbourhood.

Sam’s Wishlist – She’s a very energetic, loving and friendly 19 month old husky. Sam enjoys running, playing, eating and being outside.

Sam loves playing fetch and this Kong ball seems to be able to withstand a lot of strain.

She loves eating and fetch, this toy combines her loves in one fun toy!

Something for Sam to chew on during her downtime.


This Gnawbbers Flex Stix Floatable Flexible dog toy is perfect for her to fetch in the yard or in the pool.

What dog doesn’t love a few delicious treats as a reward or just because? Sam is a fan of both the harder and chewy varieties so I’ve listed one of each.

How will you be spoiling your pet/s this Festive Season? Let me know by commenting below!


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Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

3 thoughts on “On The 11th Day Of #Blogmas – My Dogs’ Christmas Wishlist

  1. I want to get my pups a tent of their own for when we go camping. Extra thick so their nails won’t rip it, ventilation at the top, but will keep them from getting bugs like their regular crate would allow. And it would be easier to pack than a big metal crate.


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