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On The 12th Day Of #Blogmas – How I Ruined Christmas

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It was either my first or second Christmas over at Mr’s family. Let’s admit that there’s a lot of pressure to perform as a ‘daughter in law’ (we aren’t married so I’m not legally a daughter in law, but you know what I mean). I don’t cook well when I’m under pressure or when I’m in someone else’s kitchen so I should have foreseen the disaster that was yet to come.

It started off with a turducken. It’s a chicken, stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey, which was recently introduced to South African stores at the time and we wanted to be fancy and buy this wretched thing to cook for Christmas lunch. So we did and I had every intention on cooking it to perfection. Only problem is that my ‘mother in law’ has no oven so I had to use the tiny circular convection oven we bought her for Christmas to cook this thing.

So I woke up early, read the instructions and put this bastardised fowl into the convection oven and let it cook. I imagined how happy everyone would be once I served it and how delicious it would be. I basically built up some castle in the sky to the tune of “Oh! Our daughter in law is so lovely. She cooks so well! She’s the best”. Yeah no, there was none of that.

It cooked for five, six, seven hours until we couldn’t take it anymore and carved the damn thing…

It was RAW.

Completely inedible.

I could die.

I don’t even know what we ate that Christmas. I was so embarrassed. All I wanted to do was impress my ‘in laws’. So I get a little bit of anxiety every time we go there over the holidays, because of this experience. I don’t think they have any faith in my cooking abilities at all.

So that’s how I ruined Christmas. Do you have any holiday horror stories to share? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off

14 thoughts on “On The 12th Day Of #Blogmas – How I Ruined Christmas

    1. It’s like I relive the horror every time I hear the word turducken. I don’t think I’m a daughter in love. More like a daughter in we’ll tolerate you, because our son loves you and you had our grandchild. Lol 🙂

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  1. Our stove died on thanksgiving day two years ago. Turkey had been in the oven for about an hour and my wife went to baste it. It was cold as ice. We had to “bake it” on the grill. It was interesting. To top it off, everyone who was bringing a dish had to either use the microwave or the grill. Ha! Good times. 😃

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  2. Oh no, shame Lindsay. I can just imagine how you felt. One thing I have learnt is, it just doesn’t work to cook in someone else’s kitchen, using their stove or things !!! If going somewhere try and opt for a dish you can do at home and take, otherwise have the family over at your place. I remember the first Christmas we spent with my in-laws, I was to do my famous Jamie Oliver’s roast potatoes, all well and good, my in laws were feeding like an army of people, one stove, meat in the oven, one available oven plate worked, and it was a small one, so potatoes were done on this small plate, in a huge pot, it took forever, just the general prep! we were staying with my in-laws for Christmas that year in Bloem, so it wasn’t a matter of I could prepare to a point and then take. For me it was a disaster, I think we ate around 3pm instead of the planned midday meal. xxx

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    1. It was awful Lynne! I think cooking for the first Christmas together was way too ambitious. They live in the Northern Cape so we had to travel to their side so I couldn’t even take anything ready made :(. Gosh! Your first Christmas sounds awful too. Mr was born and raised in and around Bloem. 🙂 It’s awful when everyone has to wait on you. Thanks for sharing your story ❤

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