Seven Mom Things I Totally Do Now

Seven Mom Things I Totally Do Now.jpg

When I fell pregnant I thought everything would be exactly the same, just with a baby around. Needless to say, things have definitely changed more than I thought it would after the Little One was born. I was convinced I would be a “cool mom”, now I’m more of a “school mom”. Here’s a list of seven mom things I do now and mom traits I’ve acquired:

  1. I cut my sandwiches into fingers – any sandwich is cut into fingers, whether it’s for the little one, me or Mr. I’m so used to doing it.
  2. I blow on my food at the restaurant to cool it down – this behaviour has become second nature. I caught myself cutting my restaurant meal into tiny pieces, blowing it cool and eating it! I definitely got some stares from other patrons.
  3. I have no idea what the latest hit song is – All…

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