Snowy Morning

I love seeing these huskies play in the snow. Check out Ally and Viktor on 2 Snow Dogs.

2 Snow Dogs

We woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of new fallen snow.  Well, I thought it was beautiful and so did Viktor and Ally.    My husband and younger son spent a good part of the morning shoveling the decks, driveway and sidewalk so they weren’t quite as appreciative as the dogs and I.

20161217_082401 That’s Steve working in the driveway, which is rather long. Why doesn’t he appreciate the beauty all around him?

My older son, who is just back from college for the Christmas break didn’t want to see the pretty snow either.  He’s actually still tucked under his covers but his brother kindly left a good portion of the shoveling for him to tackle when he finally decides to get up.

20161217_081316-1 No matter how cold it gets, Ally and Viktor love to play in the snow.

20161217_083802-1 Viktor has been burrowing tunnels under the snow.

20161217_081131-1 Wrestling… Looks like…

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2 thoughts on “Snowy Morning

  1. How fun. That is a bit of snow though. In Grand Junction, when we lived there, we got snow, but not too much. Just enough to make it peaceful outside. I liked it. Driving in it wan’t quite as fun, esepcially when it iced up. LOL


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