On The 17th Day Of #Blogmas – My Christmas Obsession


Let me start by saying that we all have ‘our thing’. You know, that thing that you can’t resist. It may be shoes (like Mr and the Little One) or teddy bears and nailpolish (Madam), mine are appliances and Christmas gift wrapping paper.

I haven’t purchased any wrapping paper this year, because I’m still using paper from 2012 (I know it’s bad!). I find myself flipping through brochures and newspaper inserts admiring the fancy and fun Christmas wrapping paper on sale. I have a particular fondness for the 3 pack or multipack of co-ordinating Christmas wrapping.

I’m actively trying to curb myself, but it’s so difficult when they place it right at the till when you are checking out!

What’s your Christmas obsession? Let me know by commenting below!


Love and Blessings,

Lindsay Sign Off


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18 thoughts on “On The 17th Day Of #Blogmas – My Christmas Obsession

  1. I don’t know if this is really an obsession, but I just have to bake cookies galore, shortbread and fudge. With it being so hot here, I have to freeze everything, and then take out bits and pieces on a daily basis and devour. I feel I am starting to look like a cookie, and everytime I go to the freezer, sneak a piece of fudge!

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      1. It would really be fun to have you around 🙂 We could bake together. Isn’t fudge divine. I have this super easy microwave recipe, and this fudge is divine. Guess what, I am planning on making another batch of biscuits today, and will freeze the balance of the dough. This works like a dream and makes life easier.
        Oh yes, everyone is happy so long as their tummy’s are full of yumminess. ❤


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