What can a rotten tomato do? – A small story

I love this inspirational post on Maze of The Mind. Please check it out if you need some motivation right now.

Maze of the Mind

I was basking in the setting sun on my terrace and was looking around, just then I received the answer to one of the biggest questions I had been asking for a long time.

 Let me tell you a story…..

My mom planted a rotten tomato in a pot a few weeks ago. She dug a hole, placed the rotten tomato inside, put in a little bit of compost and covered it around 3  inches deep. She watered it once in every 2 days and kept the pot in a place where there was enough shade and sunlight. A few weeks passed and the surface of the pot was just moist mud, not a trace of life.

After 3 weeks, a small sprout was seen. It grew everyday an inch bigger. In 2 weeks it grew into a big plant with leathery stems and light green velvety leaves. It was…

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