Poolside Pups

There are so many ways to keep pups cool these days – from making ‘pupsickles’ to filling a shell pool with ice. I’ve researched many of these since the summer months in Cape Town can be quite brutal for my hairy husky pups.

Their favourite activity by far is definitely spending time in the pool on the hottest of days.

Here are a few of my favourite poolside pup photos that I hope you will enjoy too:

20150922_125320.jpg20160105_182630.jpgPoolside Pup 2.jpg

As you can see Sam loves all things pool related. She will take a lap or two around the pool in all types of weather. She makes an excellent lifeguard dog too. She loves patrolling around the pool and checking that everyone is safe. Sam has a specific bark that lets all of us know when someone is in trouble in the pool. This has saved a few lives, including my stepdaughter’s.

20160105_182444.jpgPoolside Pups 3.jpgPoolside Pups 4.jpg


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